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Freebirthing; the latest trend in delivering a baby

February 23, 2010 by  

Water Birth PicUnhappy with your last birthing experience at the hospital? Disappointed with the amount of meds pumped into your system? Feel like you lost control of the birth and were at the mercy of the numerous directives from medical personnel being forced upon you without your considerations? Not to mention the colossal medical expense.

There is a growing faction of women in both the US and in the UK who are rejecting traditional medical advice and hospitals, and opting to stay home and give birth with no drugs, no midwife and no medical support. Supporters’ suggest it is how having a baby was always meant to be, but doctors warn freebirthing could have catastrophic outcomes.

A supporter of home birthing, Jana Kutarna, and a contributing writer for Pregnancy Solutions says women should take charge of giving birth. “Many women don’t realize that in our culture they are trained to give away the responsibility of their birthing to doctors and to midwives. In reality, insurance companies are not responsible for the birth, only the mother is”. And with that mindset, Jana delivered a healthy baby girl at home with no help from a doctor or even a midwife; guided only by a mother’s instinct.

The Discovery Health Channel continues to air the documentary “Freebirthing”. This unassisted childbirth documentary follows the story of 3 women preparing to give birth at home without any medical assistance.

The remarkable footage of the extraordinary deliveries is shown in their entirety.

Initially, 9 pregnant women who were planning to deliver at home were interviewed for the doc and all 9 women went on to deliver successfully. 2 sought non-emergency medical care following delivery; one for stitches, the other for slow placenta.

Even celebrities are raising awareness of staying at home to birth a baby the natural way.

Actress, talk show host and activist Rikki Lake recently produced a documentary entitled “The Business of being Born”. After Lake felt disenchanted with her first child’s delivery in a medical setting, Lake opted for home delivery the second time round. Not only does she talk the talk, she walks the walk. Lake successfully delivered a healthy baby girl, cameras running, in the peace and quiet of her own home in NYC in this documentary.

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